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Please use the following form to contact me. I am open to working collaboratively on projects, sending shout outs for cool things going on, and reviewing podcasts. I have also done a lot of volunteer editing/beta reading work in the past, and I’m usually up for that as well as long as time allows.

If you do make a request for a podcast review or such, please know I reserve the right to say no if it’s not something I would enjoy listening to. After that, I will do my best to listen to enough to get a good feel for it. For me, that’s usually been around 6 episodes/3 hours-ish. And then I’ll post my real, true feelings about it. I tend to prefer reviewing audiodrama as I am a fiction writer at heart, so that style is going to be in my wheelhouse.  But I like supporting creators when they are making art!

Because I get questions about the six episode “rule,” I want to  explain. First, this is partially to prevent reviewing a lot of things that fizzle out and are discontinued. It is not uncommon for a show to start with great ambitions, but the reality of podcasting can be a true challenge. I empathize with this (as I consider the hundreds of documents of forgotten novels sitting on my hard drive), but still prefer reviewing things that are more established. Second, I find it can be unfair to newer shows and creators, since the first few episodes often highlight some sound or production issues that can be ironed out within a few episodes. Making an in-depth evaluation based on the very first attempt for many people does not seem fair, and most people have gotten not only the technical issues, but also the narrative ones managed by six episodes in.

If you are a new podcast and would like me to listen, please feel free to still reach out. I like to do roundups on occasion, where I highlight newer shows with 1-5 episodes. And, as time and scheduling allows, come back later to fully review once more episodes are available.

As far as editing or beta reading work, expect a  few follow-up questions about time frame, length, and what you’re looking for in terms of feedback. I cannot always accept every request, but I do enjoy it when I get to help someone else out!

Well, I could ramble a bit more, but that seems unnecessary. Any requests, feedback, comments, thoughts, questions, or other categories of communication can come through the form below. Thanks, and happy writing!

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