Welcome to the Attic!

Editing and Collaboration

As I mentioned on the ‘About’ page, I have enjoyed doing some online editing and collaborative work. I am also a volunteer beta-reader for creepypasta.com, so if you found me through that link, welcome! If you are interested in getting feedback or working on a project, feel free to use this form to get in touch with me. Simply leave your name/preferred nickname, an email address I can reach you, and a brief comment about what the purpose of contact is. If you are seeking beta-reading or editing, I would also ask you to answer three (*four for series) brief questions, just to move the process along rather than spending time playing email tag!

1) Is there any sort of hard deadline you are trying to meet?

  • General turnaround is 24-48 hours maximum, but there are life events that sometimes get in the way.
  • If you tell me there is a tight time frame, I can plan accordingly and get it back to you (as long as it is reasonable and not, say, one hour).
  • I guarantee that if I accept a job for editing, I will return it to you in less than one week, though that is a long estimate and it should generally be within a day.

2) What is your preferred format for feedback?

  •  Microsoft Word documents with track changes and the comment feature.I understand, however, that you don’t know me from Adam out here on the wild world of the internet, and you may not feel comfortable downloading attachments from me (no apologies needed!).
  • Share a document with me on Google drive, which I can then make edits to and comment on.
  • Include your document with edits and comments in the body of the email. It is not pretty (edits are bolded, comments are in parentheses and italics), but it works.

3) Finally, are there any specific areas you would like focused comments on (dialogue, characterization, pacing, plot holes, etc.)?

  • While my comments tend to be general, I can also fine tune comments to your precise concern. I will still mention other things, but spend a longer time on the specified area.

*4) If you are asking me to look over a portion of a series, what part of how many (estimated) am I reading, and how does it fit in with the others?

  • I am more than happy to read series, but I do ask that you help orient me if I am not reading the whole piece at once. I will read the first, middle, last, or whichever part, but just give me some idea of the story arc thus far or in the future.

Also, if you have any other comments, concerns, or questions, send them to me. While I reserve the right to not answer overly personal questions, I’m more than happy to fill you in on anything that would make the process smoother. I check email regularly (I’m a grad student, so I have to), so please let me know if you have not heard anything from me after 24 hours. The WordPress machine may have lost it in the shuffle. Thanks for reading all of this, and I hope to hear from you soon!



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