Welcome to the Attic!


Atticus is an old friend. He’s a character that was invented probably over 10 years ago now, and has persisted in many things I have written since. He recurs because, in many ways, he is a stand in for the comforting mentor. That was always his role. I created broad, sweeping plans for the fantastic home he lived it; it was a structure of stained class, soft carpet, dark wood, and room after room of libraries. As a psychology student pursuing a mindfulness orientation, I am at times called upon to create a mental safe haven for certain meditative tasks. Time and again, I find it in one of those library’s of my own creation, dozing on the couch in front of a roaring fire while snow falls outside. That is where I am happy.

This blog is a place where I can feel safe to dust off ancient antiquities (read: High school and college writing samples) in order to revitalize them and work on my own writing skills. I have tons of files from 2006 on that contain the beginnings of short stories, but rarely extended beyond the first page. Here, I plan to dig out these old manuscripts and make something of them. I will also post some new things, things just entering the attic, but those should generally be viewed as works in progress. After all, all of these are just works in the attic, not the books on the shelves of the libraries.

I also enjoy doing some editing/critiquing on the side and have enjoyed collaborating with others in the past. If you need a reviewer, beta reader, or collaborator, you can use this form here to send me a message!

I try to publish at least one longer piece per month, and hopefully that will increase in the summer following Finals, but I also have to work on my dissertation. Nevertheless, I need the self-care of writing, so at least once a month is my goal. For your convenience, the different categories are defined below to facilitate your browsing.

New Arrival: These are brand new things that I am working on, working being a key term there. A lot of these are first, or at least early drafts. As I edit things and update, I may consider changing the category or changing the description. But, as many writers know, establishing something as finished is hard to do.

Dusty Tomes: These are works that I have pulled up from old hard drives and files. I will go through and edit them, alter the format, and sometimes keep only the general idea of a story. These may be complete reimaginings merely taking inspiration from old stories, or very heavy edits of previous works. Or perhaps taking snippets or unfinished pieces and finishing them.

Lecture in the Attic: This is a category for those times when I just feel like I want to discuss a topic without fictionalizing. These are more academic, though definitely not an established journal article with comprehensive literature review. Consider it a discussion of my opinion, as directed by my personal experiences and academic pursuits.

Card Challenge: My challenge to myself to write one short story a day inspired by the playing cards from a game called Dixit. To read more about how this started, check out this post here.

Welcome to Atticus’s Attic. Please watch the rafters and your step.


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