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A Listener Reviews: Mirrors


Episodes:  10 episodes, with Season two just recently starting

Length: Generally around 20-30 minutes

I’ve listened to… All the episodes released so far.

The Premise: Three women separated across three different time periods all encounter the same unusual presence and make recordings about their experiences. What are the creatures they see? And why can each of these women see them?

My Review:  I just stumbled across this podcast, and I am so thankful I did.  It is a really unique story presented in a very polished way. The idea is pretty straightforward, but the implications are what really keep me intrigued. Three women, three times, the same experiences. It borrows some aspects of your standard ghost story with the indeterminate, incorporeal presence of something. But it moves it beyond the classic ghost story with the characteristics of these creatures and the time element. The biggest mystery, beyond what’s going on with these beings, is why these women? What ties them together across time and space in this experience? Season one begins to answer this, and season two has continued to unravel the mystery. 

The characters are each documenting their journeys, so as a listener, you are able to slowly begin to piece things together through the different breakthroughs each makes. As more pieces fit into place, it becomes clear something else must be going on. As with most good mysteries, answers only lead to more questions. I think the story and the reveal of information are paced really well. This is the kind of thing where revelations could appear far too quickly, rushing conclusions. Or, conversely, it could drag on forever until as a listener I start to believe not even the writers know where this is headed. Instead, this balances new information with new questions and continues moving towards understanding.

Each of the three women is in very different circumstances, tied together by their shared experience. The stories take place in the near past, the relative present, and the future. Each world and time period is established enough to give you an idea of what is going on, without bogging down with worldbuilding. Instead, it is all introduced organically and that serves to keep the story moving. Additionally, each of the characters is strong and determined in their own ways. They each approach the situation differently, but remain focused on answers. No matter what. They have their own styles, their own lives, their own strengths and weaknesses. The unique voices provide a well rounded experience as the listener is immersed in this mystery.

Mirrors is a well-crafted story working on multiple story lines at once. You know there is more to the story, and the slow reveal of information is very satisfying. It provides the listener a chance to play detective and piece it together, but never stops as the characters themselves seek answers. I’m impressed with how neat they have made such a complex story, especially as season two continues to progress. We all know what to expect from a ghost story, but Mirrors makes sure you don’t quite know what’s coming next. The creativity and the care put into creating this story make it worth every minute you spend listening.

You can find them here: Mirrors

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