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A Listener Reviews: The Truth

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Here’s a podcast about…well…a lot of things. Most of them completely unrelated!

The Truth

Episodes: Hard to count because of repetition in postings. A lot.

Length: Generally around 10-15 minutes, with exceptions.

How I Found It: Advertised from another podcast I listen to.

I’ve listened to… Again, precise counting is tough because of repeats. But around 20-30 episodes.

The Premise: Anthology style podcast with different stories and techniques in each episode. Some are funny, others sad, some horror and daily life thrown in. They really run the gamut. Plus, the creators often play around with interesting ideas (like improv, different editing techniques, and different styles of recording) that they explain in the podcast. So it can have a unique behind the scenes feel while also sparking some creative ideas and approaches.

The Good:  Lots of variety. When they are good, they are excellent! It pulls from a lot of different events and reasons for creating the story, so there is a ton of variety. There are some really creative, unexpected pieces that they have created. It’s like an audio anthology from all different perspectives. I’ve always loved short stories, and this seems to scratch that itch in podcast form.

The Bad: Some episodes just aren’t good. Most are solid, a few are great, and then there are one or two that just won’t suit you. It’s bound to happen. Also, they tend to reupload episodes (at least in the app I use), so I sometimes download one and start it up, only to realize I heard it previously. With as extensive as their collection is, it can be hard to tell until you’re in it.

My Rating: Always up-to-date/I’ll get to it when I get to it.
This one doesn’t fit so well, because it is my go to when I need something short to listen to. So, I’m never up-to-date, but it is a solid standby any time I want a change of pace.  I like that it is always a bit different as that sparks my own creativity. Plus, even if I don’t’ like an episode, it’s not going to last too long!

You should listen if…you are looking for some variety and need a quick listen.

Want to know what this is? Why I’m doing it? What my arbitrary rating system means? Read this post here for all the not-so-juicy details.

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