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A Listener Reviews: Within the Wires

Merry Christmas! This has nothing to do with Christmas. I arbitrarily chose Tuesdays to release these, so here we go!

Within the Wires

Episodes: 28; Season 3 is ending soon.

Length: Generally around 20-30 minutes, but they seem to be getting shorter.

How I Found It: From Welcome to Night Vale

I’ve listened to…all posted episodes.

The Premise: You are learning about this strange world through audio recordings that have slipped into our world. Each season follows a different set of recordings from a different set of characters, but take place in the same universe. The first follows a woman listening to relaxation tapes in an unusual facility. The second a series of audio guides for an artist’s museum collections. This third season follows taped memos from a government official. Each one adds a little more depth to the world.

The Good: I enjoy this style of worldbuilding, the unfold as you go approach, so it really kept me intrigued. The unknowns in each season definitely keep me listening for more pieces to the puzzle. Writing is solid, voice acting is great. It comes from the same folks as Welcome to Night Vale, so the overall quality is very high. Which makes it a joy to listen to. They tend to be a little more meditative in tone, so I do have to be careful I don’t fall asleep (the relaxation exercises in season 1 were really bad for this!), but I like the calmer tone compared to other podcasts I listen to. And the fact that it stays so engaging with such a laid back style is really remarkable.

The Bad: It feels like there are a lot of ads? I usually don’t mention this (because, hey, you gotta make money) but with the episodes seeming to get shorter, it feels like there is less meat to make room for more advertising of other podcasts and sponsors. Also, the first season is by far the best, so far, and the revelations from subsequent seasons have not been as interesting. This is due in large part to the mystery and exploration element of the first season. Now that I know a bit about the world, the additional things I learn are less exciting.

My Rating:  Season 1 – Always up-to-date. Since then? I’ll get to it when I get to it.
For me, it’s a bit middle of the road, but always feels like a nice break. I know I’m going to learn something new and  continue piecing together not only the season’s story, but also the world.

You should listen if…you are interested in hearing some alternative history and reality that makes you work for some of the information, but ties it all together nicely in an unruffled package

Want to know what this is? Why I’m doing it? What my arbitrary rating system means? Read this post here for all the not-so-juicy details.

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