Welcome to the Attic!

Hey! A new project has appeared!

Well, the cobwebs sure have gotten thick! I see the last post was last October. Not a great look. I guess a brief update is in order. About a year ago, I found out I was pregnant. A few months back, I gave birth to a happy, healthy, wonderful little girl. To be honest, pregnant me was not really feeling much up to writing, and new mom me was feeling it even less. But, life is settling into a little more routine, and I’d like to get back to a few things. But I also think I need to ease into this. So, I’m thinking of something new. Mainly because I have a newborn, want to get back into writing, but don’t quite have the brain/will power to work on things more comprehensive right now. I’ve got ideas, but the idea of sitting down and crafting them out right now just seems….overwhelming. So, for a bit, I thought I’d write some reviews. Not that they don’t take time and energy, but they are less labor intensive for me, at least. And I like sharing my opinion on things, so why not?

I’ve thought about this for a bit. About two years ago now I volunteered to help out one of my work’s locations with therapy while they were low staffed. It meant having an hour one way commute for about 9 months. (It was supposed to be three, I was supposed to get paid for travel, I won’t be volunteering again!) During that time, I started getting into podcasts more seriously. I had been listening to Welcome to Night Vale for a while already, probably 2-3 years at that point, but I wanted something more to keep my attention. And since then I’ve gathered a healthy collection of podcasts that I enjoy, some I dislike, and some I’m still figuring out. While I’m sure there is no dearth of podcast reviews on the internet (I bet you there’s even a podcast of podcast reviews!), I figured why not add my voice to the din. It’s my blog, after all.

So, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts. I’ll only review something I’ve at least listened to three episodes of, because that’s generally my mark for determining if I’m going to keep listening or not. Most of the ones I’ll review I’ve listened to much more, but there may be some outliers. I figure I may as well be trendy and come up with an interesting rating scale, so I’m going to base it on how likely I am to listen.

  • Top of the Queue – For podcasts that are so good, a new episode preempts whatever else I’ve been listening to.
  • Always up-to-date – I know listening will be good, and so I’m definitely going to listen within the week so that I can be ready when the next episode is out. A few standouts may jump ahead of it in the queue, but I’m not going to miss it!
  • I’ll get to it when I get to it – I find it interesting, but I’m not captured by the story or waiting anxiously for the next episode. It may get shuffled lower in my queue a few times, but I eventually get caught up.
  • If there’s nothing else – For those podcasts I keep around with the idea that, if I finish listening to everything else, I’ll go back to it. Something redeemable, but not that engaging.
  • Unsubscribe – Pretty self-explanatory. There are some that I’ve listened to and decided it just wasn’t for me. Time to hit the unsubscribe button, because I’m not interested in going farther.

So, be looking for those to hit the….internet. I guess. I have a few already done that I will be adding, probably on a weekly basis. Tuesday seems a good day to drop a podcast review, right?

They all have roughly the same format, and so I hope to be able to continue as I add more podcasts. My review list is already….23 podcasts long. And I guess if someone is actually reading this and you put out a podcast, you can let me know. No guarantees, but I can usually manage to  listen to a few episodes and spew my unsolicited opinion. 🙂

And, fingers-crossed 2019 bring a little more time to write. You know, with an infant and all….


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