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Card Challenge: Day 9

Card Day 9: A heart on fire beneath a glass dome.

I love you, you know. I trace the meaning of my life from the time I first saw you; you are the reason that my heart beats, that the air tastes fresh and brilliant. You are my reason.

I love you, and there is nothing that could ever quench the passion that burns within me for you. You make it so easy to love you though. You always tell the best jokes that keep me smiling for hours. I think that is what first drew me to you, and from there I was trapped by the light of your joyful eyes and the magnetism of your smile. Do you remember how we met? It is likely a forgotten moment for you, but for me it marked a new birth into the world of love. I know you didn’t notice me then, but I forgave you. When you are as handsome and successful as you are, one more admirer may not stand out at first. It was our Intro Biology class spring of our Freshman year. The class was about 150 students large, but you stood out like a lighthouse to me. I sat two rows behind you, a bit to the left, and I’ll never forget hearing you tell about the weekend adventures you went on. Do you remember when you got lost driving to the Deltas party and ended up stuck in some muddy cow pasture? I do. Hearing you tell the story, regaling all of us with your misadventures, revealed to me the depth of your character. You were funny, smart, and creative as well. Your eyes lit up as we laughed at your tale, grimacing at your misfortunes, and cheering with your ultimate victory. How could I not fall in love?

I love your eyes, your nose, your lips, you voice, your laugh, your smile. I even love your stinky socks at the end of the bed! I love the way you snort a little when something is really funny, and the way you pick apart the bread on your ham sandwiches during lunch in the cafeteria. I love your little snore at night, as your breath whispers softly in and out, calming my worried thoughts and fears. I love the quirks you have, like how you insist on triple checking the locks each night, or how you leave the kitchen light on, perfect for my midnight snacks! (That reminds me, you’re out of peanut butter!) I wish all men were as thoughtful as you, but I suppose I should simply be happy at what I have been lucky enough to find. To think I could have spent my entire life searching for love as true as ours, so uncomplicated and pure, but I stumbled upon you so early.

I love you, of course, but sometimes I get scared. To love so deeply means risking being completely shattered if that love fails. Sometimes I see the world stacked again us, all the obstacles that could stand in our way and tear us apart. This world is such a dark place, and love like ours threatens everything it proclaims. The world does not understand how I love you; the world does not understand love, I suppose. I love truly, not the selfish love that everyone else seems to seek. My love is only to experience the world with you, seeing the adventures set before you, and cheering you on through them. My love will reside with you day in and day out, not matter what the ups or downs are. I am not some fair-weather lover, but one who will remain by your side in sickness and health, riches and poverty, good and bad.

I love you better than most people can love, because my love does not depend on you making me happy, saying the perfect things, buying the best gifts, or doting on me day in and day out. My love for you is pure, based solely on the fact that you are the one person in the world worthy of such love. You are kind, gentle, strong, smart, driven, and compassionate. Remember the night you found that puppy alone, cold, and sitting on your doorstep in the rain. You did not even know she was mine, but you took her in and dried her off just the same. You’ve taken such good care of her too, opening your home to care for her. I knew you were truly a kind soul after that, and it fueled the flames of my love for you. When the world feels dark and cold, I remember that I love a man who would reach into that mess to care for a discarded creature. If that is true, then the cold and dark have no power over me; there are willed away by the burning flames.

I love you because of you, not because of what you do for me. Yes, you give me purpose, but that is because you are the kind of man who inspires meaning in all those he touches. It only took a momentary passing, a chance encounter, to change the course of my life forever. I moved apartments, changed my major, and took up new hobbies, fueled by my desire to live a life worthy of you.

I know I love you, though I suppose there are some things I don’t love about you; you are human, after all. I hate the way you flirt—harmlessly, I’m sure—with the cashiers in the store. I hate when you stay up late into the night playing receptive video games, unmoving from your sofa for hours on end. I hate that you insist on double bagging the garbage to keep the “raccoons” out, as you blame them for the trash strewn along the driveway those months ago. And I hate how you insist on closing every blind and window when you go to sleep. You do know it is best to wake up to natural light, right?

Ah, so it is bed time I see. You have checked the locks twice now, made a quick walk through the rooms one last time to look for your cell phone. You always leave it on the armrest of the couch, but you always seem to miss it the first time! Now it is time for the windows, and I watch as they fall, cutting me off from your safe world inside. Fortunately, they also allow me to do what has to be done without concerning you. I can sit near the door, hear the final jiggle of the handle as you check it just once more for safety.

I should probably tell you that your cellar door is loose, the hinge on one side rusted through so that the deadbolt no longer works. But I fear for our love, my darling, and I need to love you, even if you never know I exist.

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This work by Katherine C is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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