Welcome to the Attic!

A Few Changes

So, I updated the site a little bit. Added a custom header and chose a plain color background. The old was very nice, but just not quite what I envisioned for the Attic. I’ve stuck with a black and white/grey-scale palette, which I like, given the focus on old and dusty around here (even if most of what I’ve put up has, instead, but new stuff. You never know when/where inspiration comes from!)

The header image was created using canva.com, a freemium graphic design site that allows free design using a selection of objects. Premium graphic cost $1, so it’s not a bad way to make something special for my little corner of the internet. It was pretty intuitive too, so I’d recommend trying it out.

And, as of about ten minutes ago, yet another semester down.  With this being “summer”  (I still have externship, dissertation, and summer classes), I’m hoping to increase updates significantly. My goal is a long post every two weeks, with an ideal of one post a week. We’ll see what curve balls are up ahead.

Thanks, and enjoy poking around The Attic!

One response

  1. katpersephone

    Summer is such a tease these days…Looking forward to more stories, though!

    May 13, 2014 at 6:38 am

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